Energy efficiency


Energy efficiency

Nowadays, saving energy and energy efficiency are two of the most important worries of the society. TESSAI has being looking for solutions for a better optimization of your home or business for years. Not only does it consist of saving in your electric bills, but also in decreasing maintenance costs and production lost produced by breakdowns in installations. TESSAI is able to offer you a variety of technical solutions for your energy saving and optimization.

Some of the fields that we use to reach the energy efficiency are:
Installation of presence detectors or timed switches in passageways, lighting studies, replace old bulbs by bulbs with energy saving light and low cost of maintenance, power quality controls by network analyzer installation, being able to study the consumption and optimize the expenses at rush hours, installation of capacitors in order to eliminate reactive energy, installation of variable drives to control engines, etc…
As you can see, the energy efficiency can be achieved by many choices of saving energy.
We will be looking forward to offering you our services so your installations and processes can be energetically efficient.

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